boscoreale antiquarium

The visit to the Pompeii ruins is an extraordinary experience, the city life has remained interrupted and intact, giving the visitor moments of empathy with the past life: tabernae, crowded streets and courts. The chaos of city life lives on within the walls eroded by time. But have you ever wondered what was out of Pompeii? What was the suburbs like? How did life flow in the Vesuvian countryside, far from the city traffic before the eruption of 79 d.C destroyed everything?

Well just a few km from Pompeii, in a district far from tourist (do not be afraid!), there is a happy oasis for fans of our archaeology: the Antiquarium “Man and environment in the Vesuvian territory” with the annexed archaeological area of Villa Regina.

This fabulous exhibition documents how the suburban area of Pompeii was characterized, whit its many farms and villas and a lush ecosystem with flora and fauna now lost.

In addition to the museum area you can also visit Villa Regina, emblematic example of a roman country villa used for wine production, widespread throughout the foothills of Vesuvius.

antiquarium di boscoreale
series of “dolii” – big pottery underground jar used for wine conservation

The Antiquarium of Boscoreale is the ideal visit complementary to the well-known excavations of Pompeii, to fully understand the landscape and the agricultural economy in Roman times.

antiquarium di boscoreale
original charred bread


Taste local food specialities!


Via Settetermini, viale Villa Regina Boscoreale (Na)
Tel./Fax 081.5368796

How to get there:

The Boscoreale Antiquarium is easily accessible from the new station “Villa Regina”, along the line Naples-Sorrento Circumvesuviana. From the station you access a marked path towards the Antiquarium passable in about 8 minutes on foot.

From the excavations of Pompeii, starting from Porta Marina, is about 21 minutes walk

By car:
from Naples: A3 Naples-Salerno motorway – exit Torre Annunziata sud
from Salerno: Highway A3 – exit Boscoreale. 

The National Antiquarium “Man and environment in the Vesuvian territory” has free parking.



opening 9 – 19 (last admission on 17:30)


Ticktes: € 2 (plus 1€ presale

*the Antiquarium is temporarily closed. Open visit for Villa Regina archaeological area*