Who we are

VesuvioMade is a project realised in 2017 by Lapillo sas, the company made by a group of people with different experiences but born and raised right under Vesuvius. In-depth knowledge of the territory and the desire to create something concrete, to enhance the enormous wasted potential of Vesuvius and its land: from these starting points ideas were born to put on a network that involved the whole territory, operators and service providers linked to fruition, and local food and wine producers. Much more than a site, but a real brand that makes us know our identity and our heritage.

Our mission

The Vesuvian territory is characterised by a strong cultural identity, a solid history and beautiful places waiting to be discovered; yet it is only touched by the great tourist flows of nearby destinations of international fame such as the excavations of Pompeii or the fabulous sea of ​​Sorrento.
The purpose of VesuvioMade is to provide valuable support to tourists and travellers willing to go further, to turn the corner of the most famous destinations, to discover monuments, landscapes and historical beauties little known to the general public. With VesuvioMade we want to create a single large portal where you can get useful information, ideas to visit something new and at the same time find all you need at advantageous prices: guides, hotels, restaurants, car rental and why not, even that typical dish that you liked so much!
Bring your souvenirs or our typical products wherever you are, buying them conveniently online.